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Posture and structural correction

Welcome to Corrective Chiropractic, where quality and compassionate care continue throughout your journey with us. We're patient-centered, and our Dr. John Connor proudly serves Horsham, PA, and the nearby region. We're ready and waiting for you! 

Our Beginnings

Our Horsham, PA, chiropractic specialist started serving the community back in 2001, though we moved to our current location on Dresher Road in 2016. 

Before taking on the role of a private practice chiropractor, Dr. Connor completed an extensive amount of training to help people in the best way he possibly could. During his education, he learned various chiropractic techniques and utilizes them to help you with your pain relief and recovery. Our practitioner is a firm believer in the power of structural corrective care and has been since the start of his career. 

What We Treat 

Our chiropractor sees patients with various symptoms and conditions, including neck and back pain. But our chiropractor is not limited to those. He's also skilled at helping people manage headache pain and can assist after a concussion. Additionally, he understands the relationship between stress and anxiety and your nervous system, allowing him to help with these issues, as well. 

How We Do It 

We use natural techniques that target the root of the problem and help you do what it was designed to do - heal and thrive. 

Our treatments are specifically used to optimize your nervous system and ease the stressors that are taking a toll on it. We even offer upper cervical care through the Chrane Condyle Lift, a specialized treatment where you're laying in a supine position and the adjustment is conducted along the Y-axis.

At Corrective Chiropractic, serving Horsham, PA, and the neighboring communities, our Dr. Connor is available to help you manage your pain, heal, and live life to the fullest without the use of medication or invasive procedures.  Call 215-279-8707 today. 


We look forward to hearing from you.

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