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We compare your posture and spine to an "ideal" or normal alignment. Just like there are normal ranges for blood pressure, heart rate, vision, cholesterol levels, etc., there is a "normal" posture and spinal alignment. Now since your spine houses and protects your central nervous system, which controls and coordinates the function of all the other body systems...we feel checking it is pretty important. No one is perfect, but if one falls outside of a normal range, problems can arise. These problems can be pain, headaches, disc problems, degenerative joints, and many others. 

Y-Axis Manual Spinal-Neural Decompression - Got Compression? If you are living and moving in gravity, then you daily experience the effects of gravitational compression on your body. Spinal misalignments and postural distortions can make this worse. Well then the high velocity, low amplitude adjustment along your body's Y-axis (head to pelvis) is just what you need. If you've watched some very popular videos on YouTube from "your Houston chiropractor..." then you know exactly what this is and the amazing results it achieves. This is another unique aspect of Corrective Chiropractic care vs. other chiropractors and therapists. If you've been getting care in other offices and are not getting the results you want, then come experience what this adjustment can do for you. Very safe and very effective! This is a "game changer" that must be experienced. Great for everyone living in gravity, but especially good for those experiencing symptoms from disc issues. 

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