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Neuro­Structural Corrective Chiropractic is not about getting adjusted or even receiving adjustments; it is about living a life free of nerve interference.

In fact, our goal in care is actually to deliver as few adjustments as possible. Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic Care focuses on removing nerve irritation to restore communication between the brain and the body. Restoring function at the level of the brainstem and upper cervical spine (the control center of the body) is essential so that the body may heal itself and have optimal vitality. With the nervous system functioning at 100% the body has the potential to heal itself from even the most complex of ailments.

What is Upper Cervical

The words “Upper Cervical” refer to the first two bones in the neck. They are very unique vertebrae, vastly different than the other 23 bones comprising the spinal column. In fact, they have special names. While most people understand the common letter and number system for the vertebrae of the spinal column, the first bone has a particular name, The Atlas. The second bone is referred to as The Axis. These two vertebrae are the only two vertebrae between which there is NO DISC. The absence of the intervertebral disc allows for a greater range of motion. Because of this increased range of motion, these segments are much more likely to misalign, causing nervous system interference at the level of the brain stem. The misaligned segments are identified through the use of Digital Laser­aligned Radiography. Because the misalignment is very slight (measured in millimeters) it is very important that precise x­ray equipment is used.

Upper Cervical Specific Correction

When necessary, an Upper Cervical Specific Correction is made to the misaligned segments. This is a quick, gentle impulse­type “tap” applied to the upper part of the neck using a precision adjusting instrument.

It is safe for patients of all ages. Again, there is no snapping, twisting, or popping of the neck. After the correction, the patients will enter a post­correction recuperation suite where the patient is placed in a recumbent position for approximately 15 minutes to allow the body to accommodate and allow for a longer stabilized correction.

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