Family Chiropractic

A family chiropractor is a solution for musculoskeletal pain in people of all ages. And fortunately, our Dr. John Connor of Corrective Chiropractic, serving Horsham, PA, and the nearby region, offers this level of care. We help every member of the family reach their full potential. For everyone who walks in our door, we’re partners in healing who don’t rely on drugs or surgery. 

What's Special About a Family Chiropractor?

While a standard chiropractor may focus solely on helping active adults heal and manage pain, a family chiropractor can treat any member of a family. They're able to handle the needs of the youngest of patients, even newborns, to those in their golden years and everyone in between.

Benefits of Seeing a Family Chiropractor  

When you visit our family chiropractor in Horsham, PA, you're seeing a chiropractor who understands the specific needs of your age bracket. And if you have children, or bring grandma and grandpa, we understand those specific needs, as well. 

This makes it convenient because you're not juggling the names, locations, and contact information of multiple providers. You're going to a one-stop chiropractor who's making it convenient for you to get the care you need for every member of your family.

What's even better is that our chiropractor can be your practitioner for years to come. He'll know exactly what your health history is because he'll be there through every step of it. And he'll use this information to continuously update your care plan to meet your changing body and needs. This is particularly beneficial for children and anyone who craves a strong patient-chiropractor bond. 

Why Choose Us

We believe that patients always come first and part of that entails making them feel comfortable in our office. When you're comfortable, you gain confidence in your health provider, and it leads to better results overall. 

If you're ready for a family chiropractor to help you recover or manage your pain or you want care for your little one, we're here. At Corrective Chiropractic, serving Horsham, PA, and the general vicinity, our Dr. Connor has the skill, knowledge, and compassion you want from a chiropractor. 

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